Explosions reported near Crimean Bridge, potentially damaging Russian chemical tanker

Explosions near the Crimean Bridge were reported by Russian-affiliated Telegram channels during the early hours of August 5. Despite previous reports, Russian sources claim that no explosions were recorded directly on the bridge itself.

Local Russian-appointed officials stated that explosions were heard in the occupied city of Kerch and subsequently announced a threat of attack on the Crimean Bridge. Traffic was reportedly blocked to protect the bridge.

The Moscow Times Telegram channel later revealed that the naval drone attack on the Kerch Strait could have potentially damaged the Russian “SIG” chemical tanker. According to an audio recording, sailors on the Russian SIG tanker are reporting that the ship is afloat but cannot move on its own.

The “Mercury” ship is currently working to support the SIG.

The damaged SIG tanker delivered aviation fuel from Crimea to Syria, for which the United States added it to the sanctions list in 2019.

According to Russian-state media, a group of rescuers were dispatched to the Kerch Strait following a drone attack on a chemical tanker.

This is a developing story.

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