Woman threatens to blow up house over July Fourth decorations, Oklahoma homeowner says

Authorities in an Oklahoma town are seeking a woman accused of threatening a homeowner with Independence Day decorations in his front yard.

The woman, captured on surveillance camera, was upset about the Fourth of July decorations, according to an Aug. 1 Facebook post from the Moore Police Department.

The homeowner said she came up to his home on July 8, KFOR reported.

“She started to ask me if I am Republican because of the American decorations,” Pascal Quintero told the TV station. “I told her that it’s none of her business who I voted for. She continued questioning me about the decorations and then asked if I was a Trump fan.”

Quintero posted about the incident on Facebook, adding that he told her to get off his property.

“She kept yelling at me to ‘shoot her’ so I called her a few choice words until she left,” he wrote on July 8. “Before she drove off she said that she’s going to rip down all of our decorations and BLOW MY HOUSE UP!”

The decorations included an inflatable Uncle Sam riding a firework, American flags and patriotic banners, according to KFOR.

Police said the woman drove away in a black Toyota 4Runner.

Anyone with information about the woman is asked to call police at 405-793-4522.

Moore is part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

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