North Korea hurls misogynistic insults at new US human rights envoy

North Korea had misogynist insults for the newly appointed U.S. special envoy set to monitor the country’s human rights record.

Julie Turner was confirmed to the post last week, and a statement from North Korea’s Central News Agency on Wednesday called her a “wicked woman” and a “political housemaid” for U.S. interests.

The statement says Turner’s appointment is just the Biden administration wanting to meddle in another country, and that human rights criticisms are baseless.

“Turner should know that she was chosen as a political housemaid and scapegoat for the ‘human rights’ plots to pressure the DPRK, a poor policy set forth by the Biden administration driven into a scrape in the DPRK-U.S. nuclear confrontation,” the agency said.

It says the move could “backfire,” causing “severe security issues,” though what that means is unclear.

Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. have deteriorated in recent weeks after a U.S. Army soldier appeared to defect, running across the border before he was scheduled to fly to the U.S. and be discharged.

North Korea has also launched multiple long-range missiles toward Japan and into the sea in recent months, causing security scares among U.S. allies in the region. The missile launches come as the U.S. ramps up joint military drills with South Korea.

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