10 injured after stolen vehicle strikes pedestrians in New York City, police say

A driver struck a group of pedestrians and injured 10 people in New York City on Tuesday while attempting to flee from police, authorities said.

The incident occurred at an intersection in Midtown Manhattan, around 5:30 p.m. after the New York City Police Department responded to a report of a stolen vehicle. Police had followed the driver of the vehicle “at a low rate of speed because of the heavy traffic” when the driver first hit a bicyclist, Deputy Chief James Kehoe said.

The driver then collided with a taxi before mounting a sidewalk and striking several pedestrians, according to Kehoe. The driver then made a U-turn within the intersection and drove onto the wrong side of the street, hitting another vehicle.

Kehoe said the suspect was detained by civilians and was held until officers arrived. The driver was identified as a 20-year-old male who did not have a New York state license.

“Upon initial review of this incident, it does not appear to have any connection to terrorist activity,” Kehoe said during a news conference.

The New York City Fire Department said 10 people were injured in the crash and all were transported to a local hospital with non-critical, non-life threatening injuries. The most severe injury was an ankle fracture while others suffered minor abrasions, and neck and back pain.

Multiple units from the fire department and police department responded. The intersection was closed off as emergency personnel attended to the victims and police investigated the hit-and-run, according to authorities.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Police: 10 injured after car strikes pedestrians in New York City

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