Fox News legal analyst says “Trump doesn’t have a prayer” in 2024

Donald Trump Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Fox News legal analyst Andrew McCarthy in a recent article for the National Review had grim predictions about former President Donald Trump’s ability to win the 2024 election. “I persist in the conviction that Trump doesn’t have a prayer of being elected president again,” McCarthy wrote, citing the former president’s “unfavorability” that “hovers around 60 percent.”

“The problem for Trump is he has no upside,” McCarthy wrote. “He is as known a quantity as has ever sought the presidency. In a normal race, the 46 percent of Republicans who do not favor Trump could be expected to ‘come home’ in droves in the general election if he is the nominee. That is not true of Trump.” He continued by arguing that while “chances are better than ever” that President Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee, blue voters, “unlike the Republicans — are not going to have a quarter of their base refuse to support the nominee.” McCarthy claimed that Democrats would even likely push for a Biden re-election if push came to shove, as they care “a lot more about retaining the presidency than his character — or lack thereof.”

McCarthy closed his op-ed by urging GOPers not to remain “mesmerized by today’s polling, which reflects understandable voter angst against Biden,” but instead focus on “what the chessboard is going to look like a year” from now. “I simply don’t see how Trump gets to 42 percent of the electorate,” he continued. “The country has already made up its mind about him. From here, there’s no up, only down. If we nominate him, he’s going to get drubbed.”

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